Keyboardist and vocalist Jon Foulk is native of Atlanta, Georgia who spent his formative years in East Tennessee. 

Jon's debut EP "A New Song", produced by grammy nominated and award winning producer Travis Wyrick, (Lakeside Studios), is schedule to be released July 1, 2021. The record features Nashville recording artists Andy Wood/guitar and Travis Toy/pedal steel) ... who along with Wyrick (guitar) and Julius Blue (keyboards) takes listeners on personal journey through the struggles of addiction; followed by the hope presented in recovery. 

His first studio album, produced by multiple Grammy Award winning producer and sound engineer Martin Walters, "View From the Backseat," was released in 2013. It is a personal and reflective album featuring songs influenced by the the last years of a man's 20's, transitioning into thirties, while experiencing the whirlwind of fatherhood. 

Jon currently resides just outside of Maryville, Tennessee where he is active as a solo and recording artist; and as a well sought after side man behind the keys for other established acts.

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